There’s more than one reason why iOS 8’s growth has stalled

Yesterday I posted some thoughts on the dramatic slow down in iOS 8 adoption. I noted that many publications jumped to the conclusion that reports of iOS 8 bugs caused the slow down, while others blamed the large 5 GB of free space required to upgrade to iOS 8 over-the-air.  

I ended by saying that I really didn’t know why adoption stalled, but that I thought there was more to the story.


Today, Andrew Cunningham captured my general thoughts in his post on Ars Technica - that there are multiple reasons. He includes these reasons:

  • The large amount of free space required for the OTA upgrade
  • iOS 8 dropping support for some older devices
  • Stories that iOS 8 may slow down older devices
  • Reports of early bugs


It’s a reasonable list. In addition, I think the iOS 8 upgrade is a bit harder to sell. Features like copy and paste (iOS 3) and a totally new design (iOS 7), for example, probably helped drive adoption. iOS 8’s feature set is incredible but perhaps harder for customers to grasp the significance of (such as app extensions).


There are likely other reasons as well. My point is, I think the answer is more nuanced than some initial reports suggested.


Update: Federico Viticci (inspired by Karan Varindani) echoes my thoughts on iOS 8 and normal users:

Most of them couldn't upgrade immediately due to storage issues and they all asked me about stability and bugs (“Is it like last year?”, they all ask). Some of them know about custom keyboards (“Yes, like the Samsung Galaxy”) and they think widgets are cool but they don't have many third-party apps that offer them. They have no idea whatsoever about action extensions and Handoff.