Truth beats marketing

The real bendgate is the failure of various Apple competitors to bend reality. NFL players don’t prefer Bose; they prefer Beats. Marketing deals and threats of fines don’t seem to be changing that preference: NFL players are still wearing Beats by Dre and daring the NFL to fine them

The name iPad has become a proprietary eponym, and no marketing deal is going to change that fact: Microsoft is 'coaching' NFL announcers not to call the Surface an iPad

Of course, there are also the countless celebrity tweets promoted by Samsung but sent from iPhones (like this one, and this one, and this one...). Even if the celebrity gets the paid gig right, it's back to reality backstage: Ellen was on stage at Oscars with Samsung, backstage with iPhone

Marketing deals and massive amounts of marketing money can’t overcome reality. The fact is, truth beats marketing.

[Credit to Accidental Tech Podcast where I recently learned the term proprietary eponym]