A collection of Apple Pay stuff that's helpful or interesting

A collection of Apple Pay stuff that's helpful or interesting:

  • The Apple Pay FAQ has a lot of good information (how to set up, returns, selecting credit of debit, etc.)
  • There are a bunch of videos showing Apple Pay in action. The user experience is so well designed, that the videos are kind of boring :)
  • Apple Pay is also great for app developers. For example, it simplifies Uber’s signup process to a single tap.
  • Speaking of Apps, here's a link to apps on the App Store that work with Apple Pay.
  • Apple Pay is reportedly coming to Apple’s iAd mobile ad network too.
  • Visa's EVP of Technology on developing the global standard framework and token system that Apple Pay integrates with.
  • On today's Q4 earnings call, Tim Cook confirmed that Apple has agreements in place with banks to earn fees associated with Apple Pay.
  • Apple is accepting feedback here.
  • If you see one of these symbols at checkout, there's a good chance the retailer can accept Apple Pay:

 Contactless payment reader symbol      Apple Pay mark