You’re Mac

David Sparks:

I don’t think either of these gents was actively trying to prevent me from connecting. I just think they have such deep seated prejudice against Apple that it would never occur to them that these problems were on their end, not mine.

Writing a post about how Mac users are persecuted in 2014 feels like it is about 15 years too late. Nevertheless, there is a slice of the Enterprise, particularly in industries resistant to change (like legal) where you still are looked at funny when you walk in with a Mac.


I found myself chuckling and nodding my head while reading David's article. I was that guy walking into a meeting room with a Mac back when it was a risky career move. Although things are very different today, I've had countless encounters with 'tech support' folks that were all to quick to point fingers at my Mac. You know - those conversations that go something like this:


Me: Hi. My Internet service is down.

Comcast: What operating system are you running?

Me: Mac OS X.

Comcast:'re on a Mac...

Me: So my Mac brought down Comcast's Internet service?


Well, that's what I wish I said.