Microsoft making Office free for iOS, Android: Too little, too late?

Dan Moren on Six Colors regarding Microsoft's newly released 'free' versions of Office apps for iOS:

I don’t want to underestimate the power of Microsoft Office. Even more than Windows, Office remains a de facto standard for a huge portion of computer users—especially in business...

That said, this move smacks of desperation. Because Microsoft’s shifted from a strategy of “if you want to use our apps, you have to pay for a subscription” to “okay, you can use most of the common features for free, but we hope you’ll upgrade for fancier features.”


When the App Store launched, I would have purchased Office without thinking much about it. When the iPad launched, I would have purchased Office because, heck, Office is what you're supposed to use.

Along the way, a funny thing happened. Not only did other alternatives gain strength in Office's absence, but I realized that I didn't really need Office as much as I thought in the first place. Talk about a missed opportunity.