A collection of Apple Watch and WatchKit things to know

Earlier today Apple released WatchKit, a set of development tools for Apple Watch. Here's a collection of some items I found interesting.

Things to know:

  • Apple Watch has two screen resolutions. The smaller 38mm watch is 272 x 340. The larger 42mm watch is 312 x 390 - link
  • 3rd party apps will require an iPhone, but 'fully native' apps should come later in 2015 - link
  • As David Smith points out, however, that allows developers to build "actual, useful watch apps" - link
  • And here's David's suggestions on getting started with WatchKit - link
  • By the way, Apple Watch runs iOS - link


  • 15 ways you can interact with Apple Watch - link
  • Apple Watch displays the time 10:09 in promotional images. Apparently that's a thing in the watch world - link
  • In case you are interested, here's why Apple has historically used 9:41am in product images - link
  • Meet Apple’s new font for Apple Watch, "San Francisco" (there's a Sans Francisco joke in there somewhere) - link
  • San Francisco was also the name of a font designed for the Macintosh by Susan Kare - link 
  • Zach Kahn kindly posted the new font for download - link

Straight from Apple:

  • Apple's press release - link
  • Developer page for WatchKit - link
  • It's worth specifically calling out the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines - link
  • Finally, here's the Apple Watch product page...because you know you want to watch the promo video again :) - link