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Yes, this is a real headline from Business Insider (no link): 'A Cashier At The Whole Foods I Just Went To Says No One Uses Apple Pay'

Business Insider headline

Apparently Henry wasn't satisfied by a recent estimate that Apple Pay accounted for 1% of all transactions at Whole Foods during its first 17 days (1% may sound small, but as Henry himself points out that's a "startling amount" given how new the service is and how few devices run Apple Pay). Never mind that the estimate was made by a payments expert, Mike Dudas, and based on data from Whole Food's own CIO. So Henry went into investigative journalist mode and polled one cashier at one store and wrote an entire post about it.

Here's an alternative take:

  • Sample: Henry stated that he didn't use Apple Pay during his visit to Whole Foods. As it turns out, I recently used Apple Pay at Whole Foods.
  • Headline: 50% of Whole Foods shoppers use Apple Pay

Ah heck, I give up.