Here’s your dumb Apple article of the day

Here's your dumb Apple article of the day (although the day is still young, so who knows). CNNMoney reports that "iPhone encryption stops FBI, but not this 7-year-old" (no link). So how did the clever little bugger do it?

...little Harrison crept into his parents' bedroom and walked over to his dad's side of the bed. He quietly reached for his father's iPhone, grabbed his right hand and pressed his large thumb onto the fingerprint scanner.

But it gets better. Harrison's dad, Matthew Green, is apparently a security expert:

For Green, who teaches cryptography and computer security at Johns Hopkins University, it's a perfect argument against the notion that iPhone encryption is unbreakable -- for thieves or police.

Green explained to CNNMoney why biometric features -- like fingerprints or voice -- aren't effective if you want to keep someone out of your phone. A police officer could just press your finger down onto the scanner. "This is a really serious problem," Green said.

Good to know. I'll just turn off Touch ID on my iPhone (not really).