Photographing the White House Christmas decorations with an iPhone 6

Olivier Laurent of TIME interviewed photographer Brooks Kraft. Brooks has been has been covering the White House since 2000, and he decided to shoot this year's decorations with an iPhone 6 Plus:

The results, he feels, were good. “There are a lot of mixed lights in these rooms and there’s also [natural] light, and the new iPhones do a really good job of balancing colors right out of the camera. Kraft also likes to shoot with an iPhone because it allows him to work rapidly. “The iPhone has a lot of depth-of-field, which allows me to shoot the [picture] and move around quickly, which worked in this situation because we were sort of ushered through the rooms and didn’t have a lot of time. I wanted to photograph most of the spaces with few people in them, so the window of opportunity in which to shoot was brief.”