College students 'love, love, love' Apple

Steve Kolowich, The Chronicle of Higher Education, reporting on a recent survey by Student Monitor:

[College students] love Apple.

Love, love, love it. Possibly more than you thought they did. Asked to name the first brand they could think of, 25 percent of students said Apple. That’s twice as high as the second-place brands, Nike and Coca-Cola.

Among technology brands, Apple’s dominance was even more notable. Asked what kind of laptop they would buy if money were no object, 55 percent of the students said an Apple MacBook, more than five times as many as said the next-most-coveted make and model. Similar questions about smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers garnered similar results: a sweep for Apple.

Late in its survey, Student Monitor asked students to name what’s “in” on campuses. The top answer was the iPhone, which prevailed over drinking coffee, drinking beer, texting, working out, volunteering, and hooking up.

That's saying a lot.

[thanks Nota Bene]