An iOS app that connects to an airplane’s autopilot via Wi-Fi, takes control in emergencies

Eric Adams, Popular Science:

With a quick tap on his iPad, Meyer, creator of the popular flight simulator X-Plane, summons his app Xavion to rescue us.

The program already knows the closest airports that we can successfully glide to. In fact, it’s been tracking our entire flight and plotting a path to them. It also knows what kind of airplane we're flying in (a Van’s Aircraft RV-10), what the weather is like outside (blues skies, gentle wind from the south), and all of the other data it needs relative to heading, airspeed, altitude, and position.

Included in his story, Eric has a short video of the app in action during a simulated engine failure.


  • Xavion website - link
  • X-Plane website - link

[via Srikar Dhanakoti]