Rockstar consortium sells remaining patent portfolio for $900 million

Kelly Hodgkins, MacRumors:

San Francisco patent company RPX today announced it is purchasing more than 4,000 telecommunications patents from Rockstar, an Apple-led consortium that previously acquired the patents from bankrupt Nortel Networks...

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, RPX confirmed its subsidiary RPX Clearinghouse, will license the patents to a syndicate of technology companies that include Google and Cisco Systems. RPX is making the patents available with non-exclusive licenses to all syndicate members, whose funds helped pay for the purchase. RPX also will license the patents to outside companies under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms, and members of the Rockstar consortium will retain licenses for the patents.

Apple is certainly one of the most influential members of Rockstar, but I'm not sure I'd label it "Apple-led". Just a year ago, MacRumors described it as an "Apple/Microsoft" consortium in this post. Technically its members include Apple, BlackBerry, Ericsson, Microsoft, and Sony.

Anyway, from what little I've read, this seems like a good move. With Apple being against patent trolls and a proponent of FRAND, some saw Rockstar as somehow against those views. I don't think so. I saw it as more of a defensive move. For more favor on the general issue, here's Tim Cook during the height of the "patent wars" in 2012: