Apple expands its 'Start something new' online campaign to retail

Gary Allen at ifo Apple Store noticed that Apple's 'Start something new' campaign has been extended to its retail stores:

The visuals teams at Apple’s retail stores are installing new wall graphics that extend a Web campaign that spotlights artistic applications for iPad, iPhone and Mac. While store graphics have frequently mirrored the design and colors of Apple’s Web pages, this seems to be the first time a specific promotional campaign has spanned both the Web and retail stores. [emphasis mine]

I really like this campaign, and it's nice to see it extended to Apple's retail stores. Like Gary says in his post, it has the effect of transforming stores into art galleries.

The real story, however, may be that it's the first promotion to span Apple's online and retails stores. Angela Ahrendts, who joined Apple last May, was the first Senior Vice President to oversee both Apple's online and retail stores. So this campaign may signal more coordination to come.

It's also an example of one of the ways Tim Cook is reshaping Apple - by increasing collaboration between areas. His 2012 restructuring was another example.

Update: I was reminded by a reader and Apple team member that the coordinated online-retail look started with Apple's 'From one gift come many' holiday campaign, and I'm told that this indeed comes from the work Angela is doing.