Eight years of the Apple TV

With Steve Jobs' introduction of the iPhone eight years ago today, it's easy to forget that he also announced the availability of Apple TV during that same event. Actually, Steve Jobs gave a "sneak peek" of iTV (its temporary name at that time) a few months earlier, in September of 2006. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_oz3DdLkG4

Above is part one of the iTV introduction. Part two can be found here.

In some ways, this was a precursor for how Apple would introduce major new products. The iPhone - and now the Apple Watch - followed this same script. By announcing devices months before availability, Apple better controls the message. For example, they avoid product details from being leaked during government certification processes, manufacturing set up, etc. There are other benefits of course, like the ability to gauge reception and build excitement. Apple likes to surprise and delight its customers, and the big reveal is one way to do so.

But I digress. This post is a celebration of Apple TV's birthday. Although it remains very much a work in progress, it still retains a spot on my list of all-time favorite devices. I may just have dinner and watch a movie with it tonight to celebrate.