Apple Watch to flop! Sell! Sell!

Ken Segall on CNN’s silly article “The Apple Watch will flop: Here's why”:

You have to give CNN’s David Goldman a little credit.

With Apple’s next potential revolution still a few months away, he’s going for the gusto.

He’s not just saying that the Apple Watch won’t be as big as previous Apple hits. He’s saying the Apple Watch will flop. Period.

That’s the kind of bravado we like to see. Especially since no product in modern Apple history has ever flopped, despite the many who have predicted otherwise.

So, you might wonder, upon what insights does David base his prediction? Let’s take a little ride…

Fun read. Also, Ken's point on battery life is one of most interesting takes I've read:

Second, even the low end of that battery estimate isn’t awful. Most everything you do with an Apple Watch will be done with a glance. Just 2.5 hours of battery life gives you 9,000 seconds to play with. Even if you preferred a luxurious 10-second glance, you’d get 900 uses out of your charge. At four hours, you’d get 2,160 uses.