What’s up with the digital crown on the gold edition of Apple Watch?

Dan Moren, Six Colors:

Something odd struck me recently as I perused the Apple Watch product pages. Several pictures of the Apple Watch Edition—aka the Super-Fancy Gold-That’s-Better-Than-Gold Spectacular model—show the center of the Digital Crown as different colors: I count black, white, navy blue, and red. Generally they seem to be color coordinated with the strap shown in the picture.

Okay, sure, that makes sense. After all, the Edition is a piece of jewelry that most people expect is going to cost in the thousands of dollars. Naturally you’d expect a little design flourish here and there.

I’m mainly curious about the logistics involved: Is each accent color model a different SKU? Can you buy one where the color doesn’t match the band? What if you buy multiple bands?

Hm, good questions.