ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ shot full episode using iPhone and iPad, unfolds entirely on MacBook screen

Dawn Chmielewski, Recode:

Steven Levitan, “Modern Family’s” co-creator and executive producer, said the story was drawn from his own life, and how he and his two daughters communicate while they’re away at college.

“We all had that reference in our heads — this is how families are communicating today,” Levitan said.

Also of interest, the show produced a replica of OS X Yosemite:

The trick was producing footage that would look good (and prove readable) on a giant living-room TV. That required the technical intervention of a post-production team, which worked for months to create a replica of Apple’s OS X “Yosemite” desktop operating system painstakingly updated with every revision to the software.

Really cool concept. The show airs on Wed, Feb 25 at 9|8c.