Some thoughts on Apple Watch from people making apps for the device

Jared Newman, Fast Company:

To find out what the Apple Watch will really be like, you need to consider the apps that will run on them. So I've talked to several developers who've been working with WatchKit

I found this part particularly interesting:

"Our Android Wear app and our Apple Watch app are very, very different, and they don't really focus on the same things," says Amir Salihefendic, whose company Doist creates the Todoist task management app. While Todoist's Android Wear app is focused on interacting with notifications, the Apple Watch version will give users full control over their task lists. The Digital Crown is "a huge reason behind this," Salihefendic says, because it allows for more precise interactions.

Keep in mind that it's unlikely that Amir has actually used an Apple Watch. That said, this highlights the advantage provided by the digital crown.