Microsoft’s copy of Apple's ‘Switch’ ad Something about Microsoft’s new ads felt familiar. Then I realized … they essentially copied Apple’s old ‘Switch’ ads. Same white background, playful music, and quick cuts. Both feature one person talking to the camera. Both take jabs at the competition.

Yet the Microsoft ad falls short.

Watch the Apple ad below. It feels real. It features a real person, talking about a real pain point. People could relate to the blue screen of death. People wanted to take their PCs out back and destroy them Office Space style.

The Microsoft ad feels contrived. It features an actor talking about something that isn’t a big pain point. Siri isn’t perfect, but it isn’t causing an entire generation such grief that they want to beat their iPhones with a baseball bat. But I suppose the ad reflects the product well in one way: like all modern smartphones, it followed Apple's lead.