Steve Jobs interview with The Chronicle in 1998

Jeffrey R. Young, The Chronicle of Higher Education:

This was 1998, and the company was at a low, particularly in higher education. The prevailing attitude in the hotel ballroom where Mr. Jobs had just given a keynote address was not one of reverence for an executive known to be one of the best pitchmen of all time. It was deep skepticism. My assignment was to explain to readers how Apple planned to win back colleges, which were increasingly switching to Windows-based machines.

The interview is focused heavily on education, and much of it is very specific (such as a discussion on USB and FireWire). There were a few things, however, that jumped out for me, including this quote:

What keeps me up at night is how do we make the best stuff. And if we make the best stuff, I've always believed that consumers are smart.

Steve said some variation of this time and time again over the years, and Tim Cook continues to do the same. Here's Tim Cook at this month's Goldman Sachs Conferenced:

We've always believed that our role in life is to make the best, not the most. And sometimes, those spheres do intersect, where you can make the best and the most, and sometimes they don't.

Last quarter, they probably intersected, or came really close. I haven't seen the latest estimates. But first and foremost, our job in life is to make the best, and we've never lost sight of that.

The full article is at the link above, and audio of the interview is below.

[via Apple World Today]