Tim Cook's interview in The Telegraph - tidbits and the important part

Allister Heath, The Telegraph, posted an interview with Tim Cook. A few tidbits:

  • Tim said that Apple Watch is designed to be able to replace a car key and fob. I think this is just one small example of Watch's future usefulness.
  • On a related, note, Tims thinks - like iPhone - people will buy Watch for a particular reason and find they love it for "all sorts of other reasons." Remember Steve Jobs' iPhone keynote? He introduced it as an iPod (huge applause), a phone (huge applause and cheers), and an Internet communicator (awkward polite applause). At this point, I'm not sure most of us can upfully understand the potential of Apple Watch.
  • Because Watch is something people will want to try on, Tim said it may require "tweaking the experience in the store." No surprise there.
  • There was another reference to Watch being showerproof, but it's unclear if that's something Tim stated.

Most sites ran with the car keys bit. But I think the following part of the story hasn't been given the attention it deserves. When asked by a store team member what made him most proud in the last year, Tim answered:

"I'm proud we stayed true to our North Star", Cook replied. "We are pro-privacy, pro-environment and pro-human rights."

Not many CEOs give an answer like that. Fewer CEOs can back that up with the actions of their company. Apple is unique in that way among major companies. And ultimately this is more important than any minor details about Apple Watch. Apple's products, profits, and future successes flow from that focus - not the other way around.

Also, I'm increasingly worried that Tim - who wakes up at 3:45am - doesn't get enough sleep. Perhaps there will be a sleep tracker Apple Watch app for that.