My hope for the real value of Apple Watch

Matthew Panzarino, TechCrunch:

Over the course of investigating the Apple Watch, I’ve spoken to several sources who have spent extended time with it.

There are a lot of interesting details, some of which we’ll get into. But, by far, the biggest recurring theme is how little you use your iPhone once you have one.

As usual, I won't rewrite his hard work here.* I would, however, like to expand on his idea of 'time saved' being the real value to Apple Watch:

You’re not going to give up your smartphone. That Faustian bargain has already been struck. We get access to an entire universe of information and communication and we sacrifice our bloody attention on its smooth glass altar.

But the Apple Watch can return some of that attention and, more importantly, time back to you.

If you argue the Watch isn’t going to sell or do well, it’s worth pointing out that there are very, very, very few products that allow you to hand someone cash and be given back TIME.

To be honest, when Apple Watch was announced, I was concerned that it could be yet another screen ... that it would be additive to my 'time in front of screens.'

So, if Matthew is right, I'm encouraged. But at the risk of getting a little philosophical for a tech blog, I think the value Matthew is talking about is deeper than time saved. I think it's more about a desire to re-engage with the world around us.

*In addition to the 'time saved' angle, Matthew's article is worth reading for three reasons:

  1. He learned some new details about Apple Watch
  2. It's interesting to hear what the actual experience is like
  3. His last two paragraphs ... which I personally think are key