A few quick thoughts on Apple Watch

With only a few hours to go before Apple’s Event tomorrow, I don’t see a lot of value in last minute musings about Apple Watch. So forgive me, but I did want to get down a few quick thoughts - if only to get clear on my own thinking. Options A surprising numbers of folks are voicing concern that Apple Watch offers too many options - sizes, collections, bands.

Some are concerned about the number of SKUs Apple will have to manage. As someone with prior experience working in an industry that dealt with tens of thousands of SKU’s, I wouldn’t be concerned about Apple dealing with a few extra dozen SKUs.

Others are concerned about customers experiencing choice overload. But as Jony Ive and Tim Cook have mentioned, the importance of options goes up dramatically for products that customers wear. Over the past few days I’ve become more serious about making my own Apple Watch selection. Personally, I find that the choices lead to an incredibly fun shopping experience.

Pricing Don’t worry … I’m not going to toss out yet another prediction for Apple Watch pricing. It starts at $349, and we will find out the rest of the details in a few hours. But I do have two thoughts on John Gruber’s predictions on Daring Fireball, which seem to be getting the most attention.

First, I think what he lays out is too complicated. Too complicated for Apple’s legendary simplicity. Too complicated for customers. I hope he is wrong in this regard.

Second, I hope John’s prices are too high. Perhaps John’s predictions are heavily influenced by the prices of other high end watches (he mentions Rolex, Tudor, and Omega in his post). As I stated in my recent post “Apple and the democratization of design”, I think Apple has done more than any company to bring high quality and high design to the masses. I’d like to think that Apple is more concerned about bringing Apple Watch to the masses (while earning its typical ~25%-35% margins) than pricing it to match low volume luxury producers.

Mostly, I'm looking forward to tomorrow’s event with the type of excitement I had for the iPhone and the iPad events!