After training people to forget about watches, how will Apple teach them to love Apple Watch?

Ariel Adams regarding Apple Watch in his excellent article on A Blog To Watch:

I've said that compared to the Apple Watch, most other smartwatches (especially those with digital screens) feel like toys. I don't say that to insult other companies or because I love Apple, but I say it as a way of explaining the build and feel of the Apple Watch. Most of today's Google Android Wear-based devices look like facsimiles of a watch, but not something a serious watch lover would ever consider as "nice." The Apple Watch feels like a genuine modern manifestation of the watch, complete with quality materials and a very pleasant ergonomic and tactile experience.

And here's a good reason why it's worth taking the time to read Ariel's long read:

Things people wear are part of fashion, a category that tech writers tend to not cover too much. Fashion is what gets people to wear something, and technology is what gets people to use something. Where the Apple Watch is so confounding as a new product is that fashion writers may not be able to appreciate the technological utility of the Apple Watch and tech writers more-or-less don't understand why Apple created so many versions, at so many different prices that all do the exact same thing....

So the interesting situation for Apple is that very few of the journalists and influencers covering the Apple Watch truly understand it from both the technological and fashion perspectives. In fact, I might be one of those few - which, trust me, is an amusing coincidence for me as well. Suddenly, I am in a unique position to discuss a category I never imagined would even exist back in 2007 when I started to write about watches while living in San Francisco - the tech capital of the world.

[via Brian Nail]