The MacBook's new trackpad will change the way you click

Jason Snell has a good article on Macworld where he shares his initial thoughts the new MacBook's keyboard and trackpad. I found this part particularly interesting:

I have never liked the tap-to-click gesture on trackpads, preferring a physical click. So hearing that the new MacBook trackpad doesn’t actually depress made me despair. But what Apple has implemented—a series of force sensors underneath the trackpad surface and a Taptic Engine that can vibrate the surface on demand—is a remarkable simulation of the real thing. If I hadn’t known how the thing worked, I would’ve sworn that Apple had gotten its own announcement wrong and that this trackpad was just like all of the other trackpads on other Apple laptops.


  • Johy Ive explains the new trackpad in this MacBook promo video (starts at 1:30 mark)
  • iFixit's teardown of the updated MacBook Pro 13" (which also has the new trackpad)