The purpose of the first Apple Watch ad I like Apple's first TV ad for Apple Watch. I find it visually and musically appealing. More importantly, I think it's effective. The message is clear. On the fashion side, it shows the myriad of looks to choose from. On the technology side, it shows the myriad of use cases. The ad conveys so much in one short minute.

Although it has been generally well-received, I have seen some criticism of the ad. At the heart of much of that criticism, however, seems to be a misunderstanding about the ad's purpose. It isn't to neatly lay out the three tentpole features of Apple Watch (that'd be boring). It isn't to show off one feature like the past Siri or FaceTime ads (that'd miss the point that Watch does so much and has so many looks). This ad's purpose is to introduce the world to Apple Watch. As Ken Segall states on his blog:

Advertising a brand-new category is very different than coming up with a new ad for iPad, for example. At this point, Apple needs to show the world what an Apple Watch is, just as it did with the initial iPhone ads. The Apple Watch ad does an excellent job of showing the extraordinary variety of form and function. The ad has a lot of energy, capturing both fashion and technology. If this isn’t enough to get you interested, you’re not an Apple Watch customer. And that’s okay.