Apple acquired database analytics firm Acunu

The acquisition appears to have taken place in late 2013, but it was just now revealed in an article by Jack Clark and Tim Higgins in Bloomberg:

Apple Inc.’s acquisition of FoundationDB LLC gives it some top engineering talent, and follows another stealthy acquisition to bulk up data capabilities as it seeks to expand cloud-computing services.

The purchase of the Vienna, Virginia-based software maker follows a deal for closely held Acunu Ltd., a U.K.-based data analysis company, Apple said. Both purchases show Apple is placing more emphasis on the development of solid data infrastructure to help provide services to its legions of global consumers beyond iPhones and iPads.

Acunu produced technology to provide analytics on databases. Its technology can work with and improve other tools, like the free Cassandra database, which Apple runs on several thousand computers.

The referenced acquisition of FoundationDB LLC came to light earlier this week.