Medical sensors and the future of Apple Watch

Earlier this week we learned more about how Apple Watch measures heart rate. Interestingly, Pebbled deemed measuring heart rate from a wrist device as not realistically feasible. Although in fairness, I'm not sure yet where Apple's solution falls on the novelty-accuracy continuum. Then, a couple of days ago we learned that the Apple Watch is not only capable of measuring heart rate, but it's also capable of measuring blood oxygen level. Sadly, that feature isn’t enabled.

As I marveled at Apple Watch taking my wife's heart rate (my order of a 42mm stainless steel with black sport band is still "processing"), I was reminded of a recent story on the future of wearable sensors, featuring UC San Diego's Center for Wearable Sensors. The story provides a glimpse at the future of wearable sensors - power from sweat, glucose measuring tattoos, and more:

I can envision a future where these types of sensors are built into Apple Watch, or in some cases, work along side Apple Watch. In fact, Apple has already been hiring many experts from the medical sensor field. Exciting times indeed.