Searching for the real Steve Jobs

Ken Segall on the multitude of books, movies, shows, etc. about Steve Jobs:

So how can one ever hope to understand the real Steve?

Easy. We’re all members of the jury, and the evidence has been dumped upon us in a thousand different ways.

While you won’t get the definitive story from any one person, the truth is spread across myriad sources.

Just take it all in and use some common sense. Give more credibility to Steve’s colleagues, family and friends, and be wary of the extremes. Because, just as it was during Steve’s lifetime, there are those who wish to deify him and those who wish to tear him down.

Most important, remember that the least likely source of an accurate Steve depiction is a Hollywood movie. Movies are entertainment, not historical documents.

Very well said. It's worth reading the rest of Ken's post.

Ken Segall | Ken Segall's Observatory