Apple Watch: Initial reactions

Having watched my wife with her Apple Watch over the weekend, I'm convinced it's going to take more than a few days of usage to properly review the device. As Jason Snell states:

This is a new product. Like, a really new product. It’s not like any product I’ve used before, though it has echoes of my old Pebble and of iOS devices, of course. But my built-up skills in using iOS were no use to me when I started using the Apple Watch. This is not a tiny iPhone on my wrist. This is something new.

It might be good. It’s certainly impressive. But it’s new, and it’s going to take some time to figure out quite what it all means.

Jason Snell | Six Colors

That's why Jason's piece is one of my favorite "reviews" of the device to date. He smartly avoids a full review and instead offers up a collection of initial thoughts.

David Smith wrote another good post that takes a similar approach. His short list of observations includes something I noticed as well (in my case after mountain biking with the device):

The activity tracking gets really confused by walking while pushing a stroller (something I do a lot). It counted roughly 40% less steps than my iPhone in my pocket for a long walk we did on Saturday. Certainly understandable since my wrist isn’t moving much while holding onto the stroller but frustrating nevertheless. I wish it would have more intelligently combined the data from my iPhone with the Watch to get a more holistically accurate picture.

David Smith

Both posts are worth reading.