Nice look back at “Rip. Mix. Burn” in the context of Apple Music

From 14 years away, since we’re all currently caught up in Apple Music and Beats 1, and since optical media is fading from relevance quicker than my pop music reference points, it might be hard to see why that was such a big deal, but you have to remember that this was essentially the first time home users had the chance to personalize their music easily, breaking it out of the prescribed album format, and crucially doing so in a format that was indistinguishable from what you’d buy in a shop. We’d been able to make mixtapes before, sure—hell, entire generations of children might never have been born were it not for that essential part of the mating ritual—and yes, for a while MiniDisc looked like it might take off as a credible, digital successor, but nothing before or after the CD was so simultaneously the default, de facto standard all commercial music was distributed on and the thing you could produce perfectly, trivially on your consumer-level Mac.

Christopher Phin | Macworld

I enjoyed reading Christopher's post, watching the ad, and reminiscing about the early days of rip, mix burn.