It's time for Apple’s privacy advantage to shine

Walt Mossberg, Recode, on Apple and privacy:

In effect, privacy itself is now a key product — and a key marketing point — for Apple, as much as the Apple Watch or the skinny new MacBook. (I can’t help but wonder whether we’ll one day see Apple privacy ads during the Super Bowl, complete with the company’s typical gorgeous images and earnest executives speaking against a glow-y white background.)

Walt's post is good and worth reading. However, the headline, "Apple’s Latest Product Is Privacy", is a bit off the mark. Privacy has long been a key differentiator for Apple (Walt does mention this later in his post, stating "Steve Jobs spoke about it repeatedly as a core value"). In fact, here's Steve Jobs talking privacy with Walt Mossberg in 2010:

Sure, Apple has continued to step up its efforts to protect privacy. But the real story here is that maybe, just maybe, the environment has changed - that privacy abuses have lead to people caring more about privacy issues. That, in turn, gives Apple a better opportunity to talk about the privacy advantages of using Apple products and services.

In other words, Apple's privacy advantage is not new. Rather, it may be time for it to shine.