Apple's 18k gold Apple Watch Edition in the real world

Ariel Adams, A Blog to Watch, on wearing a review unit of the Apple Watch Edition in public:

Reaction from folks in the Swiss watch industry:

Wearing the Apple Watch Edition, I traveled to a few watch making facilities in Switzerland – just to see what would happen. I half expected people to boo at me and throw decomposing produce. None of that happened. In fact, I got a lot of compliments and positive attention. What surprised me so much is that even watchmakers seemed to appreciate the Apple Watch even more when it was in gold. I heard statements such as "Very impressive; nice choice; they make a beautiful gold watch; the design is really top notch; great job on construction; Apple isn't screwing around; I love it; this feels better than many traditional watches; because it is gold, we can accept it." Yes, I did hear that latter comment, and it really amused me.

Reaction from the general public:

I will tell you who is quite surprised that Apple made a gold watch: mainstream consumers who simply don’t follow technology news enough to be aware of it ... After people learn that Apple produces an 18k gold version of the Apple Watch, the next question is always “how much does it cost?” When I tell them that the one I am wearing costs $13,000, I’ve never experienced anyone get angry or confused. Perhaps, they felt a bit shocked, if anything at all. Some people simply thought it was "cool."

On why someone would want one:

If tech writers are confused about the Apple Watch, then they are utterly dumbfounded by the Apple Watch Edition ... So other than it being a clear status indicator or lifestyle affirmation tool, why would someone buy the Apple Watch Edition? Does the answer need to be more than “because they can?” When you ask people why they buy a luxury car, watch, suit, or whatever – no matter how complex their answer is, it all comes down to "because they wanted it.”

Yep. Here's an example:

Be sure to check out Ariel's post for more including some great photos of tech-based gold watches that came way before the Apple Watch.