The great Apple advertising experiment

Ken Segall on Apple's recent hiring of Tor Myhren for the role of VP of Marketing Communications:

Tor’s hiring comes with the quieter announcement that longtime in-house creative leader Hiroki Asai is “retiring.” I really liked Hiroki. He’s a good guy and a talented designer. But he isn’t exactly entering his golden years. So … retiring?

Far more believable is the idea that an in-house agency needs the leadership of an accomplished agency guy.

If you want to see where all of this is leading, you also have to look at it from Tor’s point of view. Tor is a global player in the agency world. He thrives on creating big, breakthrough ad campaigns. He wouldn’t accept a job at Apple if it involved anything less.

So, yes, it sure looks like Apple is building [an] internal ad agency.

Ken Segall | Observatory